After months of work we finally released our homepage “Persoc” is a reasearch group funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation) that worked for 1.5 years on a new model of how to conceptualize the interplay of personality processes and social relationships.
In September 2007 a group of young researchers who repeatedly met at conferences realized that they were all fascinated by the complex interplay of personality and social relationships. While we studied the effects of personality on very different social processes (e.g., zero acquaintance judgments, group formation, friendship development, mate choice, relationship maintenance), we shared a strong focus on observing real-life phenomena and implementing advanced methods to analyze our data. Since the official start of Persoc in late 2008, several meetings and workshops have deepened both, our interconnectedness as well as our understanding and interest in personality and social relationships. is one outcome of this great collaboration – we believe it is a unique and very helpful resource for all researchers who want to study the interplay of personality and social relationships. For example, extensive informations about possible research designs are provided (e.g. ego-centered networks, half- and full-block designs, round robin groups), as well as short tutorials about on to calculate the statistics in each design. First of all, of course, you shouldn’t miss the excellent introduction into the topic: the theoretical framework of persoc. If you do research yourself in the intersection of personality and social relationships, don’t hesitate to register yourself at the community site: you can post a profile of yourself and your research on and get in contact with other researchers on that topic. is dynamic and ever-growing site, and we hope it will be a useful resource for many researchers!

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