Collecting some of my recent talks and workshops. More talk and workshop material can be found here.

Meta-Science / Open Science

2022: Quality assurance and Skin in the Game: How to setup structures that prevent misconduct and foster good science [Slides]

2021: Quality assurance and control in academia [Slides]

2021: How to share psychological research data: Revised recommendations from the German Psychological Society [Slides]

2019: Moving a scientific community towards data sharing: Experiences from the data management recommendations of the German Psychological Society [Slides]

2018: Don’t make a fool of yourself: Reputation and performance evaluation in academia [Slides]

2018: Beyond bean/publication counting: Performance evaluation and hiring criteria that foster good science [Slides]


2021: The leapfrog design: An Adaptive Bayesian Design for rapid treatment development [Slides]

2021: Correcting for bias in the literature: A comprehensive comparison of meta-analytic methods for bias-correction in psychology (aka: Meta-analyses are fucked). [Slides]

2020: Sequential Bayes Factors guarantee compelling evidence: Efficient designs under uncertainty [Slides][R package BFDA]

2018: Testing similarity effects with dyadic response surface analysis (DRSA) [Slides][R package RSA]

2017: < .005 Redefine statistical significance with Double-ohh-five [Slides]

Motivation Science

2021: Automatic coding of German PSE stories using machine learning algorithms [Slides][Demo Shiny App]