Installation of WRS package (Wilcox’ Robust Statistics)

Update Feb 17, 2014: WRS moved to Github – This installation procedure has been updated and still is valid

Some users had trouble installing the WRS package from R-Forge. Here’s a method that should work automatically and fail-safe:
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# first: install dependent packages
install.packages(c(“MASS”, “akima”, “robustbase”))
# second: install suggested packages
install.packages(c(“cobs”, “robust”, “mgcv”, “scatterplot3d”, “quantreg”, “rrcov”, “lars”, “pwr”, “trimcluster”, “parallel”, “mc2d”, “psych”, “Rfit”))
# third: install an additional package which provides some C functions
# fourth: install WRS
install_github(“nicebread/WRS”, subdir=”pkg”)
WRS cannot be hosted on CRAN, as CRAN demands help files for every user-visible function. This has not been done for WRS (yet). For the time being, this somewhat more complicated installation routine has to be used.

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  1. Update Sep 19 (v. 0.23.2): Due to an error in the NAMESPACE file the functions were not exported. Works with 0.23.2.

  2. Thanks for the instruction. Just a simple question. I noticed that there is also a project called WRScppWin. If I run R for Windows, should I install that package instead of WRScpp?

  3. Dear FelixS, I’ve been trying to install WRS on R 3.1.1 (on MacOS), following your highly useful method above, but to no avail. None of the WRS functions (e.g. t2way) is recognised, even though library(WRS) does not yield any error messages. Do you think there may be any problem with my R version (which is the most recent one, as far as I know).
    Thanks a lot!

  4. What is the status of the WRS2 package at CRAN? Is it better to use that (v. 0.3-1) or the version (0.27.5) from github?

    1. WRS2 on CRAN provides a limited subset of the full WRS package on Github, and it lacks somewhat behind, as it has to be adapted to changes on the github package. But, WRS2 provides help files for the included functions and more user-friendly interfaces for some functions.
      If you only use functions provided in WRS2, use this package. If you need other functions of WRS, or want the cutting edge version, use WRS from Github.

      1. Thanks a lot for the clarification! Reading the version numbers I had the impression that WRS2 is newer (better) than WRS.

  5. I keep getting this error
    install_github(“nicebread/WRS”, subdir=”pkg”)
    Error: could not find function “install_github”
    Do I need something else to work with WRS?

      1. Yes, I did the whole script you provide including the devtools part. It just seems to hang up on the install_github part

        1. The error message “Error: could not find function “install_github”” appears when you did not load the devtools package properly, using `library(devtools)`

  6. Greetings,
    I recently installed WRS via the method above (everything went fine) and am running the current version of R (3.3.0), but am having the same problem that ThomasB indicated above two years ago. I use library(WRS) and receive no error, but then R tells me that it “could not find function ‘t2way'” when I try to run the code. Is there any issue with the install files?

  7. Hello,
    Thanks for your work.
    WRScppWin won’t install on my PC (R v. 3.3.1, Windows 10).
    * installing *binary* package ‘WRScpp’ …
    cp: unknown option — )
    Try ‘/usr/bin/cp –help’ for more information.
    Warning: l’exécution de la commande ‘cp -R . “C:/Users/ppplll/Documents/R/win-library/3.3/WRScpp” || ( internal cd – .| (cd “C:/Users/ppplll/Documents/R/win-library/3.3/WRScpp” && internal -xf -))’ renvoie un statut 1
    ERROR: installing binary package failed
    * removing ‘C:/Users/ppplll/Documents/R/win-library/3.3/WRScpp’

      1. Interesting – works on my Mac. But this additional package is only needed to speed up computation for a few functions. Mostly (if not all) WRS function run without this package. So, no need to worry AFAIK.

  8. I work on Rallfunv32 of WRS package to get bmpmul function but warning message appear as :test[jcom,7]<-temp$sig.level
    Number of items to be replaced is not multiple of replacements
    Can any one help me with that error please

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