Social Relations Model with roles (fSRM package)


Together with Lara Stas and Tom Loeys (Ghent University), and with help from Bill Cook and David Kenny, I prepared a new R package called fSRM. The package computes Social Relations Analysis with roles ("Family SRM"), using a structural equation modeling approach (the famous lavaan package by Yves Rosseel runs the models). Groups ranging from three members up to an unlimited number of members are supported and the mean structure can be computed. A delta method approach allows the comparison of means and variances between two groups of families, and a Wald statistic tests the hypothesis that actor or partner means are equal across roles.
For installation instructions, see
Stas, L., Schönbrodt, F., & Loeys, T. (2015, March 2). Getting the most out of family data with the R package fSRM. Journal of Family Psychology, 29, 263-275. [PDF, 1.6 MB]

The fSRM package for R:

CRAN (stable version)
GitHub (development version)
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