Response Surface Analysis (RSA) - the open source and easy way!

On this website I will collect information about RSA, my RSA package for R, and related papers. This site is "work in progress" and will grow over the next months.

Background information about RSA and its application

Some information about RSA and how to test fit hypotheses with arbitrary scales can be found in the sheets of my "Positionsreferat" I gave at DPPD conference in Greifswald, Sep 2013 (in German only).

The RSA package for R

A stable version of the RSA package can be downloaded from CRAN, or installed directly into R by typing:

The development version with more fancy functions can be found at Github. The development version can be installed by typing:
install.packages(c("devtools", "lavaan", "plyr", "ggplot2", "lattice", "tkrplot", "RColorBrewer", "rgl", "gridExtra"), dependencies=TRUE)library(devtools)install_github("RSA", username="nicebread")

Other resources

Coming later!

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