How do I do research?

I embrace the values of openness and transparency in science. I strongly believe that such research practices increase the informational value and impact of our research, for example as open data can be reanalyzed and synthesized in future studies. Furthermore, openness increases the credibility of the results, as an independent verification is possible.
See my voluntary commitment to research transparency.
I am an ambassador of the Center for Open Science, and one of the initiators of our department's Open Science Committee.

Research Interests

  • Bayes factors & sequential testing procedures
  • Response surface analysis
  • Dyadic data analyses (APIMs etc.), Social Relations Analyses
  • Psychometrics of implicit motives by picture-story-exercises (PSEs)
  • Automatic text analysis for implicit motives
  • Dynamic modeling of motivation
  • Intimacy and autonomy in close relationships
  • The Zurich model of social motivation (see a live demo of a dynamic model)

Published Software Packages and Tools

  • R-package RSA (Response Surface Analysis)
  • R-package WRS (Wilcox's Robust Statistics)
  • R-package TripleR (Social Relations Model for indistinguishable group members)
  • R-package fSRM (Social Relations Model for families)
  • A filter for masking visual stimuli: ScrambleFilter.


See my CV


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