Felix Schönbrodt

PD Dr. Dipl.-Psych.

Quantitative Methods/ Statistics
  • Open Science: How to do trustworthy and replicable research
  • Basic and advances statistics
  • Polynomial regression and Response Surface Analyses
  • Multilevel (mixed effect) models
  • Social Relations Analyses in round-robin designs
  • Dyadic data analysis
  • Robust statistics for personality and individual differences
  • Scientific working: Philosophy of science and practical skills
  • Coding implicit motives in running text
  • Diagnostic of implicit and explicit motives

  • Self-control and self-regulation
  • Intimacy and autonomy in close relationships
  • Implicit power motive and "power stress": Electromyography of the corrugator supercilii
  • Confusion technique: Experimental manipulation of intuition
  • Mindfulness: Cognitive, clinical, and personality aspects
  • Attachment, sexuality, and intimacy: The psychology of romantic love

Practical workshops
  • Conversational skills and conflict moderation
  • Moderation techniques
  • Presenting

For companies
  • Emotions - Signals of intuitive expert knowledge
  • Intuition
  • Will power in (self-) leadership
  • Coping effectively with angry customers
  • Self-motivation in hard times